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[audio]They wouldn't go to war - Oliver Hirsch and Malcolm Dundas 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
THEY WOULDN'T GO TO WAR - Oliver Hirsch and Malcolm Dundas 1968. Two draft resisters discuss their activities. Dundas relates his imprisonment for refusing alternative service, and Hirsch reflects on his resignation from the Air Force. RECORDED: Berkeley, 2 Oct. 1968. BROADCAST: KPFA, 6 Nov. 1968. (35 min.)BB2028 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: dundas; hirsch; vietnam; resistance; draft; berkeley; pacifica; kpfa
Downloads: 116
[audio]Grant Track 3 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 3
Keywords: Track 3
Downloads: 91
[audio]Grant Track 11 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 11
Keywords: Track 11
Downloads: 58
[audio]Grant Track 9 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Grant Track 9
Keywords: Grant Track 9
Downloads: 58
[audio]Melina Mercouri speaks at the New School 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Greek actress Melina Mercouri at the New School, introduced by Adamandea Polas. When & Where: Los Angeles; Pacifica Radio Archive, 1968. Recorded at the New School. Description: Greek actress talks on her life and career. (20 min.) BB3539 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: mercouri; junta; Greece; coup d'etat; pacifica; revolution; theatre; school
Downloads: 103
[audio]Grant Track 2 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 2
Keywords: Track 2
Downloads: 75
[audio]Pacifica reports on the Poor People's March - Pacifica Radio Archives
Article: Poor people's march / produced by Ellen Kohn. Recorded: Washington, D.C. Description: Report on the march and demonstration in Washington, D.C. (40 min). BB1724 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: march; washington; king; poor; demonstration; pacifica
Downloads: 104
[audio]Grant Track 4 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 4
Keywords: Track 4
Downloads: 87
[audio]BB4874a John Cage on Rauschenberg, Duchamp, Johns, etc - Pacifica Radio Archives
Composer John Cage talks about artists Robert Rauschenberg and Marcel Duchamp, among others. 46 minutes. PART 1 of 2.
Keywords: John Cage; Robert Rauschenberg; Marcel Duchamp
Downloads: 587
[audio]Grant Track 10 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 10
Keywords: Track 10
Downloads: 68
[audio]Grant Track 12 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 12
Keywords: Track 12
Downloads: 105
[audio]Grant Track 8 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 8
Keywords: Track 8
Downloads: 60
[audio]Grant Track 5 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 5
Keywords: Track 5
Downloads: 69
[audio]Testimony from the Presidential Committee on the Causes and Prevention of Violence Part 2 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Actuality of testimony from Kingman Brewster; Henry Mayer; Sam Brown; Price Cobbs; and Huey Newton, Black Panther Party co-founder, before the Presidential Committee on the Causes and Prevention of Violence. BROADCAST: WBAI, 2 Dec. 1968. Part 2 of 2. BB3209b Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: pacifica; panther; black; black panther; newton; violence; revolution
Downloads: 217
[audio]Treating the injured at the Chicago convention - Dr. Quentin Young - Pacifica Radio Archives
Treating the injured at the Chicago convention, Dr. Quentin Young; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson. Discussion of Young's voluntary medical team which helped treat injuries suffered during the Chicago demonstration. (50 min.)BB2160 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: chicago; panther; young; doctor; seale; pacifica; thompson
Downloads: 82
[audio]Fiftieth Anniversary of the Republic of Czechoslovakia - Pacifica Radio Archives
FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE REPUBLIC OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA moderated by Dr. Harry Friedgood. Jan Triska, Gabriel Almond, Denis Hayes, David Riesman, and James Day discuss the political status of Czechoslovakia. RECORDED: by KZSU in Stanford, 27 Oct. 1968. BROADCAST: KPFA, 13 Dec. 1968. (72 min.) BB2466 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: czechoslovakia; kzsu; stanford; pacifica; freidgood; riesman
Downloads: 72
[audio]Sproul Hall Sit-In 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Sproul Hall sit-in documentation sixty-eight. Recorded: at University of California, Berkeley. Description: Actuality of the anti-war demonstration at the Berkeley campus. Length: 2 recordings (110 min.) BB2365 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: sproul; berkeley; pacifica; war; demonstration; activist; activism; vietnam
Downloads: 216
[audio]ReClaiming the Shattered Past (of Cambodia) - Pacifica Radio Archives
RECLAIMING THE SHATTERED PAST, produced by Barbara Bernstein. SERIES: Cambodian culture : Death Of A Sideshow. no. 4 - Series exploring the development of Khmer culture. Part four examines the current struggle among surviving Cambodians to preserve what is left of their culture following the Khmer Rouge civil war. Now under Vietnamese rule, former refugees are now reclaiming Cambodia's shattered past...
Keywords: khmer; cambodia; vietnam; culture; refugee; pacifica; berstein
Downloads: 119
[audio]KPOV - From the Vault Pitch (11 min) - Pacifica Radio Archives
Brian DeShazor, Mark Torres, and Shawn Dellis from the Pacifica Radio Archives in Los Angeles ask listeners of KPOV 106.7 LP FM Bend Community Radio to pledge their support and donate to receive the amazing "From the Vault" MP3 Series thank-you gift.
Keywords: KPOV; Pacifica Radio Archives; From the Vault
Downloads: 55
[audio]United Mexican-American Students Symposium - UCLA Feburary 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
United Mexican-american Students Symposium At UCLA, moderated by Eleasar Risco. Speech by President of the Mexican-American Political Association, Bert Corona, at a conference exploring Chicano political and social activities across the United States. CONTENTS: Introduction of Bert Corona. He begins with a story about the opression of colored alley cats by white alley cats. He discusses the need for political self-determination, the MAPA movement, land as a political power base, living in occupi...
Keywords: mexican-american; mexico; chicano; corona; mapa; mexica; pacifica
Downloads: 183
[audio]1968 California Grape Strike, reported by Nanette Rainone - Pacifica Radio Archives
1968 CALIFORNIA GRAPE STRIKE, reported by Nanette Rainone. Dolores Huerta, Vice President of the National Farm Workers Union, along with three farm laborers, discuss the strike. BROADCAST: WBAI, 8 Dec. 1968. (ca. 45 min.) BB3904 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: grape; strike; california; pacifica; rainone; union
Downloads: 201
[audio]Father And Son - Louis and Allen Ginsberg - Pacifica Radio Archives
Father and son - Louis and Allen Ginsberg. Recorded in Newark, New Jersey, 19 Jan. 1968. Description: The Ginsbergs read selections of their poetry. 2 recordings (60 min.)BB3433 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: ginsberg; poetry; father; pacifica
Downloads: 344
[audio]A Tribute to Ernesto Che Guevara - New York City- 3 Nov 1967 - Pacifica Radio Archives
A TRIBUTE TO ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA. - Pedro Juan Rua, Edward Boorstein, Derrick Morrison, Julius Lester and Ralph Schoenman speak on the life and goals of the Latin American revolutionary. Recorded: in New York City, 3 Nov. 1967. BROADCAST: KPFK. 13 May 1972. (61 min.)BB3134 Pacifica Radio Archives
Keywords: guevara; rua; boorstein; lester; schoenman; revolution; pacifica
Downloads: 334
[audio]BB2159 A Night in Chicago (Allen Ginsberg Clip) - Pacifica Radio Archives
Allen Ginsberg telling a Pacifica Reporter about getting tear-gassed: ALLEN GINSBERG: (CROWD NOISE) ...was gas and I think smoke bombs, too. We weren't close enough, believe me, to see exactly what they were doing. REPORTER: Well, what did you hear? Explosions and - GINSBERG: Gas grenades, mostly gas grenades and they were coming motorized. They weren't walking. Some were walking, some were, uh, riding, either three-wheeled motorcycles or motorcycles, or even cars, I don't know...
Keywords: Allen Ginsberg; Pacifica; Chicago Riots. 1968; riots; gassing
Downloads: 305
[audio]Claire Clouzot interviews Alan Arkin 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Actor Alan Arkin discusses his role in the film "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"; interviewed by Claire Clouzot, 1968. (19min) BB5186 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: clouzot; acting; arkin; drama; film; deaf; mute; tragedy; locke
Downloads: 255
[audio]To End The Judgement of God - Ruth Hirschman and Jean Jacques Labelle - Pacifica Radio Archives
To End the Judgement of God: Ruth Hirschman and Jean Jacques Labelle discuss Artaud's play. (15 min.) BB2076 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: artraud; antonin; pacifica; labelle; hirschman; play; theatre; France
Downloads: 193
[audio]1968 Democratic National Convention: Sen. Wayne Morse (D-OR) - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 29, Disc 1: A Passel of Pomp and a Circus of Circumstance
Keywords: Wayne Morse; Pacifica Radio Archives; 1968 DNC
Downloads: 305
[audio]AZ0768 Address to the protesters outside the Democratic National Convention, 1984 / Jesse Jackson - Pacifica Radio Archives
Reverend Jesse Jackson speaks to the demonstrators outside the Convention Center during the Democratic National Convention.
Keywords: DNC; 1968; convention protest
Downloads: 339
[audio]2004 Convention Mix - Pacifica Radio Archives
Audio of the 2004 RNC and DNC, including DNC opening day mix, Wycleff Jean "If I Were President;" audio of Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore outside of the RNC.
Keywords: 2004 DNC; 2004 RNC; Pacifica Radio Archives
Downloads: 98
[audio]DAME EDITH EVANS interviewed by Bob Sitton 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
DAME EDITH EVANS interviewed by Bob Sitton. SERIES: The Movies no. 3 - Dame Edith Evans discusses her film, "The Whisperers". RECORDED: 25 Sept. 1967. BROADCAST: WBAI, 3 June 1968.(28 min.) BB3821.03 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: sitton; film; evans; whisperer; pacifica
Downloads: 305 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Martin Luther King Memorial in Central Park 1968 Part 2 - Pacifica Radio Archives
MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL IN CENTRAL PARK produced by David Rapkin. Recorded in Central Park Mall, New York City. Description: Actuality of the rally held the day after King's assassination. Includes speeches by Ossie Davis, Dr. Benjamin Spock, James Forman, Florence Kennedy, Lidia Williams, Jarvis Teiner, and Phil Luciano. RECORDED: in Central Park Mall, New York City. BROADCAST: WBAI, 5 Apr. 1968...
Keywords: king; mlk; assassination; memorial; king; central park; wbai; pacifica
Downloads: 342
[audio]Barbed Wire Man - Pacifica Radio Archives
Barbed Wire Man, produced by Ellen Jaffe and Gene Endres. When & Where: Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1968. Recorded: 9 Aug. 1968. Description: Excerpts from a rally protesting maltreatment of migrant workers, planned by the students of Connecticut College's Summer Program in the Humanities. (91 min.) BB3885 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: connecticut; migrant; worker; maltreatment; barbed; jaffe; endres; pacifica
Downloads: 126
[audio]John Wells at a noon rally in Berkeley 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
John Wells at a noon rally in Berkeley. Recorded: University of California, Berkeley, 1968. Description: Talk on why Wells refused to rejoin his army reserve unit as he was ordered. (23 min.)BB1628 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: berkeley; wells; pacifica; draft; vietnam; army; object
Downloads: 87
[audio]1968 Revolution Rewind Moment - My Lai Massacre - Pacifica Radio Archives
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sy Hersh speaks about exposing the MyLai Massacre. (3:00) Pacifica Radio Archives
Keywords: vietnam; massacre; my lai; hersh; pulitzer; pacifica
Downloads: 126
[audio]The Lion In Winter - Herbert Feinstein Interviews - Pacifica Radio Archives
Herbert Feinstein discusses the film "The Lion In Winter" in an interview with Director Anthony Harvey and actress June Merrow. 1968. Series: Feinstein interviews; no. 35. BB2012.38 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: film; feinstein; harvey; pacifica; hollywood; hepburn; burton; merrow
Downloads: 709
[audio]A Higher Standard with Sy Hersh - Pacifica Radio Archives
Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who broke the My Lai Massacre story, speaks about the importance of moral force in fostering change, citing the anti-Vietnam War protest movement as evidence. He warns of the role of contemporary press as a propaganda tool. KZ1932 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: hersh; mylai; vietnam; military; propaganda; pacifica
Downloads: 188
[audio]Dr Benjamin Spock In Berkeley - 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Dr. Benjamin Spock in Berkeley - Part 1 and 2 0f 2. Introduced by James Forman. Recorded at Berkeley Community Theater, 4 Feb. 1968. Talk on the charges against Spock for conspiring to aid, abet, and counsel young men to resist the draft. (90 min.) BB1631a Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: spock; berkeley; draft; resistance; vietnam; pacifica
Downloads: 210
[audio]United Latinos for Justice 1968 moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson - Pacifica Radio Archives
United Latinos for Justice, moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson. Victor Martinez and Juan Martinez discuss their attempt to unite the Chicano community.Recorded: 1 Apr. 1968.(39 min.)BB2467 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: latinos; justic; thompson; martinez; pacifica; chicano
Downloads: 64
[audio]From the Vault #102: 1968 Columbia University Student Strike - Pacifica Radio Archives
Like the crackle at the center of a firestorm, students at Columbia University intensified the anti-Vietnam War movement on April 23, 1968 by starting a revolt against the school administration seizing campus buildings and barricading themselves for days. Eventually the police moved in with military-style force, injuring 140 and arresting more than 700 participants. Pacifica radio station WBAI 99.5 FM in New York was there to cover it all, raw and unfiltered, with much of their coverage - not su...
Keywords: from the vault; columbia; university; student revolt; kanter; pacifica; wbai
Downloads: 269
[audio]Testimony from the Presidential Committee on the Causes and Prevention of Violence 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Actuality of testimony from Kingman Brewster; Henry Mayer; Sam Brown; Price Cobbs; and Huey Newton, Black Panther Party co-founder, before the Presidential Committee on the Causes and Prevention of Violence.BROADCAST: WBAI, 2 Dec. 1968. PART 1 of 2 (75 min.) BB3209A Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: pacifica; panther; black; black panther; newton; violence; revolution
Downloads: 294
[audio]Convention coverage in Chicago 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Convention coverage in Chicago, 1968. Sounds from downtown demonstrations and Democratic convention nominations. Reported by Steve Bookshester and Dale Minor, interviews by Julius Lester. Actuality from Pacifica's coverage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Examines the political struggles on the floor of the Convention. Features Julius Lester's interviews with Black delegates who talk about the confusion and corruption of the process, as well as his reports on the battle on ...
Keywords: politic; convention; chicago; knight; ginsberg; pacifica; bookshester
Downloads: 412
[audio]Taylor Mead and Tom Hompertz interviewed by Claire Clouzot - Pacifica Radio Archives
Taylor Mead and Tom Hompertz interviewed by Claire Clouzot, 1968. Cast members discuss Andy Warhol's film Lonesome Cowboys. Also present were Bruce Haines from Warhol's Bike-boy and poet Lee Meyerzov. (36 min.) BB5201 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: warhol; clouzot; meyerzove; mckittrich; haines; film; pacifica; mead; hompertz
Downloads: 319
[audio]Claire Clouzot interviews Melvin Van Peebles - Pacifica Radio Archives
An Interview with Melvin Van Peebles by Claire Clouzot. Los Angeles, 1968. Film director discusses his film "The Story of a Three-Day Pass". BB5187 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: film; peebles; clouzot; pacifica; black
Downloads: 160
[audio]Sun Ra interviewed by Dennis Irving - Pacifica Radio Archives
SUN RA / interviewed by Dennis Irving. - Poet, mythical scientist, musician, and leader of Solar Arkestra discusses his mystical view of the world and humanity. He begins by defining his style of music within the concept of infinity, his role as a musical "coordinator," and the importance of music for all people. Blacks have been cast as "evil" in the Western world, which has lead to a decline in African American self value...
Keywords: sun ra; irving; african; jazz; pacifica
Downloads: 879
[audio]Underground press in the Bay area 1968 - interviews by Don Porsche - Pacifica Radio Archives
Underground press in the Bay area 1968 - interviews by Don Porsche. Recorded: 27 Mar. 1968. Marvin Garson, Bob Novick, and Louis Rappaport discuss their work to provide an alternative to the mainstreat press. (41 min.) BB2325 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: underground; press; bay; berkeley; porsche; garson; novick; rappaport; pacifica
Downloads: 157
[audio]The Power of African American Women Disc 1 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Disc 1 of a 9 disc set: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Part 1: "Commentary of a Black Souther Busrider" by Rosa Parks Rosa Parks discusses her refusal to give up her seat to a white man & the resulting bus boycott in Montgomery, AL. April 1956 interview, from BB0566. Part 2: "We Want To Be Free" by Dorothy Dandridge Dorothy Dandridge speaking at a Freedom Rally at Wrigley Field, 26 May 1963, from BB4745a...
Keywords: Rosa Parks; Dorothy Dandridge; Lorraine Hansberry
Downloads: 751
[audio]Grant Track 7 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Track 7
Keywords: Track 7
Downloads: 70
[audio]Radicalization at Columbia University 1968 - Pacifica Radio Archives
Radicalization at Columbia University / produced by Bob Murphy and Bob Bisom. Recorded at Columbia University. Report and actuality of student activities on the Columbia University campus. Includes speeches by Mark Rudd and Juan Gonzales.|RADICALIZATION AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY produced by Bob Murphy and Bob Bisom. - Report from actuality of Columbia University student activities. Includes speeches by Mark Rudd and Juan Gonzales, along with other sutdents...
Keywords: radical; radicalization; columbia; revolt; student; pacifica
Downloads: 231
[audio]Leroi Jones interviewed by Earl Anthony. - Pacifica Radio Archives
Leroi Jones interviewed by Earl Anthony, 1968. Black poet and playwright talks about his life and work.(35 min.) BB4613 Pacifica Radio Archives.
Keywords: poetry; jones; leroi; anthony; black; pacifica
Downloads: 114
[audio]PZ0595a A Passel of Pomp and A Circus of Circumstance DISC ONE - Pacifica Radio Archives
Award-winning journalist, best-selling author and host of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman narrates this documentary, which spans more than 65 years of coverage and chronicles milestones in American political history. From the formal speeches of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936, to the battles inside and outside the Chicago 1968 convention and the radical sounds of Rage Against the Machine in the streets of Los Angeles in 2000, the documentary showcases the Pacifica Network's progressive reporting at its...
Keywords: Pacifica Radio Archives; Political Conventions
Downloads: 211
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